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Our handmade body butters combine the natural moisturising and healing properties of raw, unrefined shea butter and the anti-aging properties of cocoa butter, making it the only butter your skin deserves.

Pure Magic is unscented for those whose skin is not a fan of essential oils. This buttery goodness will keep your gorgeous skin soft and glowing all day. It’s pure magic, baby!

Say Bye Bye to Bad Vibes with this luxurious body butter: the creamy citrus notes of Lemongrass essential oil are said to banish negative energy. So apply this all over your body to get rid of all the bad vibes, while enjoying glowing skin.

All of your anxieties, stresses and worries will melt away as you apply this whipped body butter laden with Lavender, a magical flower that imparts a Cosmic Calm and soothes thirsty skin.