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Why Choose Us

If you're looking for natural products that will leave you with glowing skin and a clear conscience, you've found your holy grail. Ngwedi Beauty products are made of ingredients that come straight from nature. Nature is beautiful. We come from nature. So it only makes sense to turn to Mother Earth for tools to beautify ourselves and embrace our natural beauty. Our products are lovingly handmade and they are created using no mineral oil, parabens, sulfates or silicones, and our packaging is recyclable and reusable.
One of our biggest goals is to encourage our Beauties to embrace Mother Earth and to treat this planet with respect.





journey to sparkling skin

Ngwedi Beauty was born in Gugu’s kitchen in 2018. At the time it wasn’t called Ngwedi Beauty and she had no idea it would end up as a full-on skin care business.

Gugu initially started concocting her own hair products purely as a response to trying and failing to find hair products on the shelves of stores that would moisturise her hair adequately, wash her hair without completely stripping it of her already-limited natural oils and conditioners that didn’t cause excessive build-up and protein overload.

She began making her own natural skincare products after being diagnosed with eczema and struggling with years of not finding skin care products that really helped with her chronically dry and sensitive skin.

Over time, Gugu has created moisturising hair and skin products that tend to all her skin and hair needs. She goes by @GuguBela online and has a YouTube channel where she shares DIY recipes and hair advice. She does, however, realise that not everyone likes to make their own cosmetics. So, as we speak, she’s working with various juices, berries, butters, clays and herbs to bring forth incredible natural skin and hair products to her fellow Rainbow Natives. 🌈🌻🌞☁️

hair tea with flowers

our values

At the heart of Ngwedi Beauty lies our values. We believe in

  • transparency 🌞
  • eco-friendliness 🌱
  • harm-free chemicals for both ourselves and the environment (we don’t use parabens, mineral oil, sulfates, etc.) 🌍
  • creating products that are 100% natural 🌻
  • creating products with love πŸ’•


Ngwedi Beauty is proof that you can have glowing skin and healthy coily, kinky, afro-textured hair without having to compromise by using harmful and/or synthetic ingredients that actually hold us back from achieving our hair and skin goals.

Supple, moisturised skin can be hard to achieve for those with dry/sensitive skin, so here at Ngwedi Beauty, we aim to provide moisturising, nourishing and healthy products that will leave even the driest skin soft and glowing.Β 

Luscious, long, flowing afro-textured curls can be considered “difficult to attain” and at the same time “hard to maintain” at any length, but with our products you have the ability to truly nurture your hair and in turn grow those beautiful tresses to whatever lengths you desire.